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A lot of people are really curious about the future PHP6 release. They are not sure about what to expect from the new product. We will try our best to fix the stuff and inform you about what it all is going to look like.
First of all there will be the full support of the UNIcode. It will go in the “per request” option and will need the special ICU libraries for the correct work. All the troubles of the UNIcode will now lay on the shoulders of the administrators, which means the developers are not going to fix this field anymore. You will be responsible for your servers and nobody else – this is the new politics of the PHP.

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C++ is a popular general purpose programming language used to create different web applications. C++ was initially developed as an extension to C++ programming language just to overcome its shortcomings and extend its features in whole. C++ has been designed with a purpose, the purpose comprising of various sub purposes or goals like provide support for different programming techniques like object oriented programming, and generic programming along with data abstraction. c++ programmers can work on different interfaces too, like graphic user interface and command user interface for the accomplishment of relevant tasks.GUI based applications as well as embedded system applications all of them can be built using this particular language.

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Every year or two, an event happens that makes me very glad I'm not a Microsoft shop. These same events also make me ask another question: Why do any business leaders allow their CTOs and technical managers to follow the Microsoft Web development roadmap now that it's become a large-scale implementation of the Hewlett-Packard model?

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Well, since everyone's down there having fun in New Orleans and I'm stuck up here in Northern Virginia, I thought I'd do something a little rebellious and plug away at some C#.

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My earlier post on some ASP.NET and CF "OOPness" concerns was pretty muddy. Before anyone else comments/e-mails me, here are the main points I tried (badly) to get across:

1. ASP.NET is a good OOP framework for building Web applications.

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I read a lot of things these days that describe "Web 2.0" applications.

A lot of these sounds like rants that George Carlin does in which he (very impressively) strings together a suprising number buzzwords that surround a given topic.

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In my recent CFDJ article on ColdFusion and .NET via Web Services, I wrote about a somewhat ugly way to send CF Queries to .NET. At the time, I struggled with finding a better solution, but couldn't get anything else to work.

I revisited the problem recently, and found that I now seem to be able to get data out of the QueryBean result that'll let me use a CF Query in .NET without performing any sort of transformation on the CF side.

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Polymorphism means that the same thing can exist in two forms. This is an important characteristic of true object oriented design – which means that one could develop good OO design with data abstraction and inheritance, but the real power of object oriented design seems to surface when polymorphism is used.

Why would a design want the same entity to behave differently at different times ? On first thoughts, this appears more confusing than anything useful.

In C++, polymorphism means that if the same message is sent to different objects, the object’s behavior depends on the nature of the object itself. This is sort of obvious for completely different objects, but the concept starts making sense when combined with inheritance.

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When passing a parameter by value, only a copy of the parameter is passed into the procedure. This means that the original parameter cannot be modified inside the procedure. Advantage of passing by value is its simplicity and the fact that the procedure does not have access to (and possibly modifying) the actual parameter. Disadvantage is that passing large parameters such as arrays and structures are inefficient due to the copy. Also, if the procedure has to return value to calling function, only option is return value of the function.

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