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new php 6 functions - our prediction
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A lot of people are really curious about the future PHP6 release. They are not sure about what to expect from the new product. We will try our best to fix the stuff and inform you about what it all is going to look like.
First of all there will be the full support of the UNIcode. It will go in the “per request” option and will need the special ICU libraries for the correct work. All the troubles of the UNIcode will now lay on the shoulders of the administrators, which means the developers are not going to fix this field anymore. You will be responsible for your servers and nobody else – this is the new politics of the PHP.
You can also forget about the Global Registers. This function will be totally cancelled and will result the E_CORE_ERROR mistake in case you try to use it. This is really important, yet complicated step for the whole company, still it should have been done.
Magic Quotes will not work either. The same mistake will appear in case you still try to use the function. The additional options linked with this function will be off as well.
The Safe Mode will not work in PHP6. Everyone who works with the servers, where this mode is a must, will have their hands free from now on. The developers consider this step as ad important one in their craving for the safe PHP and internet in general.
VAR will appear to be the complete alias to PUBLIC. This means those who mended their scripts especially for PHP5 did the unnecessary job. The others will generally feel no difference.
The return to the previous page by the link will not work, causing the E_STRICT mistake.
There are some more additions to the PHP6; still there are the most important ones. The others you’re free to discover during the actual work.


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