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When passing a parameter by value, only a copy of the parameter is passed into the procedure. This means that the original parameter cannot be modified inside the procedure. Advantage of passing by value is its simplicity and the fact that the procedure does not have access to (and possibly modifying) the actual parameter. Disadvantage is that passing large parameters such as arrays and structures are inefficient due to the copy. Also, if the procedure has to return value to calling function, only option is return value of the function.

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This started out as a long comment on Brian Kotek's recent post about the ActiveRecord pattern. I figure that while I've still got some Rails-ish types irked at me, I may as well go ahead and blog a bit more about why I don't like the datacentricness of the ActiveRecord approach.

Before you fire up your flame generation script, let me say this: ActiveRecord is super-productive when you need to allow someone to edit a relational model. It doesn't, however, suit the kind of OOD-backed development I do. This post is about why.

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I've had a few people ask me why I often have variables named things like "variables._foo" inside of my CFC's. Specifically, they're wondering about the underscore. In short, it's all about protecting data in the variables scope.

Expanded version of that one-sentence explanation:

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I was talking to a coworker today about a strange exception we saw, and I mentioned that the lock surrounding the process may not be double checked. It drew a "What does that mean?," so I thought I'd blog the answer that shows a practical example.

In Model-Glue, Fusebox, and Mach-II, you'll see a bit of code surrounding the instantiation of the "core" framework CFC that looks a bit like this:

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