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Clarified: CF (non OOP OOP) and ASP.NET (anti-OOP OOP)
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My earlier post on some ASP.NET and CF "OOPness" concerns was pretty muddy. Before anyone else comments/e-mails me, here are the main points I tried (badly) to get across:

1. ASP.NET is a good OOP framework for building Web applications.

2. My experience with the "classic" ASP community so far is that they're simply adopting their old procedure ways of thought into the new framework.

...leading to...

3. Shoehorning whatever was at the top of your old ASP pages into the Page_Load event handler does not a tiered application make.

4. The training materials for ASP.NET I've been exposed to (both in training classes, and looking at training classes for others to take) are largely geared at getting ASP developers into ASP.NET, and take this shoehorned approach instead of teaching how things _could_ be done.

5. It's ironic to me that (parts of) the community around the OOP-based ASP.NET platform resist the advantages the platform offers, while the ColdFusion community sees the advantages of OOP and tries to make ColdFusion more OO.

6. The syntactical simplicity of ColdFusion makes it a good learning medium for basic OO concepts in regards to Web application development.

Hopefully, I'm a lot more clear after lunch that I am early in the morning.

Tags: .NET and ColdFusion

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