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More CF + .NET Craziness
Views: 1359 | 16-12-2010, 09:06 | Category : Web Development

Well, since everyone's down there having fun in New Orleans and I'm stuck up here in Northern Virginia, I thought I'd do something a little rebellious and plug away at some C#.

I've currently just finished an early release of my first full C# + ASP.NET app, a simple forums application. It's fairly trick in that all logic takes place via Web Services, and the client really is just a dumb client.

However, I'm think going to write a ColdFusion client, mainly because I'd like to see it done. Expect some code, an online demo, and some performance test results shortly.

If I ever _really_ get the time, I'll rewrite the backend using the same architecture as the .NET version, and do some very interesting performance testing.

Have fun at MAX. Lucky devils.


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